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I'm Anan, im 19 years old living in New york, born and raised here. Currectly i attend school at city college and would like to pursue a career in computer science. I always believe learning is the key to a successful future. I am eager to learn new things, any tips and tricks that would benefit me in ayway possible but more important my vision of life is to help communities through any means necessary. I always believe developing new things could enhance not just my knowledge but society as a whole, we all grow together in knowledge. I love baseball! Go Yankees hahah! Someday it is my dream to work for a computer software security company ill work hard towards reaching my goals!~ I already took c++ and know a little bit of java, this semester im taking assembly language, kind of bit find it difficult but hopefully will get the hang of it. Hope to talk to you all very soon!

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could one of you highly respected professionals, or whomever reads this please please please help me out with my assembly project, i've posted it up on the assembly forums, its killing me, and its due tommorow i dunno why its giving me this problem please =(

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