Hi all I have been searching for a forum that I can grab code, offer tech support or just shoot the bull. I have been in Tech Support for over 10 years and have worked for companies like Sony, United Online and now HSBC. I have a broad knoledgebase of a lot of stuff and one of my favorite hobbies is coding. Just to help a friend I created a break clock app in VB just so he can take his breaks on time.. Now for the real challenge I am moving the app to C++ just so I can have a better way of updating and changing for each user. I hope to get to know some of you. I also love to game.. You will find me on EQ and soon to be Stargate Worlds...

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welcome to the forums. broad knowledge is what i'm talkin' about. i am just beginning to learn c++. i wonder should i even begin as i have read recently that c++ is going the way of the dinosaur. hmm... have fun, share knowledge and be seeing you.

cool green lantern avatar btw.



i got a break clock in VB.NET that uses an access database, so you can link it to thier timesheets. Also handles wages and clock ins/clockouts

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