hey all, this is my first time using this forum so go easy on me.

I have the common 100% cpu useage thing with the svchost.exe process. As I am sure many of you know this is a system required to run the computer... I can shut it down and get computer power back, but this ends up causing more problems. Obviously i cant function very well at 100% useage either...

Googled it, and it sent me to several sites explaining the problem. Read them, ALL of the sites were raving about how awesome RegCure was and told me to download it. So after seeing it on so many pages and everyone being happy with it, i downloaded and paid, sweeped, found errors, fixed errors.

All of that is fine and dandy, however a little problem remains. SVCHOST IS STILL SUCKING UP 100% OF MY CPU USEAGE POWER LIKE BEFORE.

This has not made me very happy. I have been reading more on it and came across a thread on your very own forums http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread82-2.html

This was more of the same and didn't seem to help me (unless I am missing something) Any help will be greatly appreciated.

windows xp professional


Downloaded the program from the link. Shows 5 x [svchost.exe] processes running. Also shows a list of about 30ish things running under one of them. (took a screanshot if needed, but not sure how to post it)

question: what now?

question: what now?

Ok...Now just watch the processes and find out what is running at high CPU util under scvhost.exe.

Thanks, haven't had it lock up on me for a few days now. Very much appreciated