There I was, a-dabbling and a-googling away, minding my own business, pondering over a sadly comatose laptop, becoming slowly more withdrawn as I picked through forum after forum looking for a clue as one does, when suddenly I found myself here, led by a thread of common experience and pressing need. Unfamiliar as I am with the tautological, the redundant, or the repetitive, I had been repeatedly re-taught to realise that so many threads raised hopes with apparent synergies then dashed those hopes as they wandered off into barren speculation. The pain, doctor, the pain!
But then! Not only the symptoms described, but a post responding with, well not the answer but a confident assertion that the answer was known...but stay, my flying fingers, these kind folk tire of thy prattle. ( I should say I find grammar interesting when dealing with the virtual world - is one at a site or in it? Does one really visit a site or should one limit oneself to linking to a site? Do I really have a life or should I get one? Is all thought derivative? And so on...)
Enough about me, already folk are leaving. Let me briefly mention my father. One of his sons fences, shears, clerks, lives sufficiently remotely to have 28k dialup ( and feels privileged that he doesn't live a mile or two further away where the speed drop to around 22k!) No cellphone coverage of course but the good times are coming! In the land of 45 million sheep and 4 million people, he has a few of each, and some others, to provide for. On behalf of my father and myself, thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves,

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

awesomely poetic intro man ;)

Glad to have you with us!

Hello and welcome to daniweb forum :)