I have designed a website here and want to make it viewable to mobile phone users. I want to do this by using multiple CSS pages.

How do i write a css script that will be viewable for mobile platforms? The current css page is located here

I will then require some sort of script(im guessing java but have no problem with it being php) that works out if a user is on a mobile or a normal computer.

Any help would be much appreciated, i have no clue what im doing on mobile platforms.


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That site is no good for mobile phones as they are different screen sizes and the graphic is to large. It is always good idea to have mobile version and desktop version of website like London's TFL and mobile version (http://wap.tfl.gov.uk/)
You need to learn WAP and get mobile emulator like Openwave simulator. For mobile/desktop browser detection you can use wurfl supported by php


You sure? there are no graphics in my html code so surely with a new css page it would be able to be displayed on mobile phones.


You must remove graphics since my last post 2 days ago when there was a banner on top of the page...
Also test your pages with mobile phone or emulator (second option much better, no extra cost) as phone are more error prone then desktops so your page have to be 100% correct or may not upload at all on mobile


banner is part of the css rather then the html.

How do i right a css page so that it displays correctly on a mobile then?

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