i have a toshiba satellite a45s151 laptop, and recently i left it outside while it was sprinkling (outside is the only place i can pick up wireless). when i realized it was raining, i ran to my computer, brought it inside and immediately started wiping everything down. i took off each key and attempted to dry off the area underneath, and I also disassembled everything i could -- the battery, dvd drive, harddrive and cooling unit. systematically, the keys started to not work...
I placed everything next to a fan to dry it out, and the next morning it was able to start up just fine. The keys were still shot, so I purchased a separate keyboard. Later that night I turned it off again, and the next morning it wouldn't "start up". The fan would start spinning low power for 2 seconds, then go on full power. A continuous beep sounds about 5 seconds after i start up the computer, but the screen would show nothing, regardless of the fan power and the beeping. I disassembled everything, and again I put the parts next to a fan overnight. The next morning it worked, but then I turned it off later to see if I had actually fixed any problem with turning it back on, and when I tried turning it back on, it didn't work again.
I've been airing everything out for 12 hours so far since then, and though I've repeated what seemed to work before, my laptop just won't start up again. The fan spins full power and the beep stays consistent, and both continue for as long as I have the laptop "on". Still, the screen shows nothing.
I'm a college student who really can't afford to buy a new -- or even used -- laptop right now. I know i couldn't afford to make such a horrible mistake in the first place either, but now I need to focus on a solution. Is there anyone who has ANY idea what I should do?


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can you give me ALL the system specs?

Ok, having done a little bit of reading it sounds like you have totally screwed yourself (pardon my language) but I will ask around to my more experienced tech buddies and see if they know of anything.

I'd say what you tried to do, airing the laptop out completely was probably your best bet, if it still isn't working now, I'd say that the laptop is probably done for. However that's just common sense, someone might be able to get it to work if you took it into a repair shop and they somehow fixed it. Maybe something short circuited. Who knows. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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