The Moody Blues -- one of my favorite music groups.

Man, that takes me back - love those guys! I am a sucker for all their stuff.
AD - I think we may be of an age.

"Live hand-in-hand
And together we'll stand

On the threshold of a dream."

chlipala - I would have done the graphics to "In the Beginning..." differently (but so what) - thank you for reminding me -- hard to believe that was almost 40 years ago. (are you Dan? If so, I am impressed with the artists you have chosen to 'produce').

Dan, on a personal note - how is your last name pronounced? 'klie' pala?

Exactly ...You Must be Polish? I pronounce it without the L so Mr. Chips...Your Pronunciation is the right way...Like my Aunt would say the L iis siclent like in Vinigar