It's nice to meet everyone. I'm from Chicago, IL, have a hubby, 1-18 yr old son (God Help Me!!) and 2 cats. I work as an "Executive" Assistant (other than getting to order office supplies, I still haven't figured out how Executive I am supposed to be :D ) in Human Resources for Chicago Public Schools.
I have a background in Access databases which I am finding, I have become extremely rusty in, how's that sayin' go? ... Use it or lose it? I also have done web development (HTML, some javascript, VB.Net, ASP), I am nearly done, a little less than 1 more year to go in getting my BS in Business Information Systems (BIS) from DeVry. I also did a basic CIS class and after taking all my major courses in BIS decided that I should have done CIS instead, but considering Math is usually involved and I abhor math :icon_rolleyes: I try to stay away from that stuff. Although I do love learning new things (even math related!). Thanks to senior project, I had to learn javascript on my own (they weren't teaching that to us then) which was very interesting and fun. When it comes to anything math I need to have someone explain it to me s l o w l y several times and eventually I get it. ;) Thanks to Gateway, I know how to take and put together my computer, hence the basic CIS class. I hope to help anyone I can and also learn new things from you all. Thank you!:)

Welcome! Nice intro. It was enjoyable to read.

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us!