Just wanted to know what Feed Reader everybody uses. Personally, I have FeedDemon right now, but am going to download Pluck after I get my Service Pack 1 re-installed back on here.

NetNewsWire is my favorite.

I am using Pluck, which is a very good RSS Feed reader. Need to go find some RSS feeds, see ya.

I find FeedDemon to be the pick of the bunch.

FeedDemon is great, I have used it before but sincerely, Pluck seems more..... advanced! And plus its free, wonder what kind of Pluck they'll put out now that they have a $8.5M dollar donation from 2 system companies.

I just use Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature.

I use Sage. Its an extension for Firefox. http://sage.mozdev.org
Its extrenely fast, simple to use, and even has a minimalistic display for the 'articles'
Oh, and you can theme it a bit with custom css files.

That sounds wild, sounds like something I'd get if I grab the FireFix browser again.

Yeah, the 1.0 preview release is vaaaaastly improved on older versions.
And it makes my sig look cool too :cool:

Although using Firefox will make people online like you more,
It doesnt actually make you look better,
Or imprive your chances with the girls (or boys).

Darn, there goes my chances of gettin back wit my ex :P