I am a "mature" woman who has been working in IT since 1992. I have worked with mainframes and every flavor of Windows since Windows 3.1. I am an avid database geek, data mining and developing user apps (Usually with MS Access-can't be beat for flexibility and rapid development). I work in a subsidiary of a huge international packaging company. We are located in Philadelphia. That company, in Wisconsin, wants central IT to handle all 75 international locations. HA! So I am the local guru who does everything IT. I have spoiled my co-workers rotten with tools to make their jobs easier and they love it. When Central IT gets in the way, I either find a work-around or "challenge" the rules. My nickname here is the Wizard. I look forward to reading your posts and perhaps lending assistance. A word of advice: TANSTAAFL (there ain't no such thing as a free lunch - Robert A. Heinlein). If it looks too good to be true - IT IS!

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the detailed introduction.