I am a total n00b to both programming and Python. I am working my way through "Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner" by Michael Dawson. On of the "challenges" given on page 87, chapter 3 is to create a Fortune cookie program. I can't get the code I want to execute when a "negative" or jibberish reply is put as "response" via "raw input". I'm sure its something glaring and stupid so don't bit my head off, lol. Here's the code:

# fortune cookie...Chinese-food-guy begs you to let him read your fortune

import random

print "This is Ching-wa Chui. Please, let me crack a fortune cookie open for you!\n"

response = raw_input("response: ")

# if affirmative answer is given, then fortune is read

if response == "yes" or "OK" or "Yes" or "ok":
fortune = random.randrange(5)
if fortune == 0:
print "You are going to have some good bang-bang tonight!"

elif fortune == 1:
print "I think you had better stay here. It says you are about to be killed!"

elif fortune == 2:
print "You are going to have a long, prosperous life. How generic. Oh well."

elif fortune == 3:
print "DUCK!!!! *bullet whizzes by*"

elif fortune == 4:
print "You will see great riches..... of the spiritual variety."

#if negative answer given, then plead for affirmative answer

elif response == "no" or "no thanks" or "No":
print "come on...pleeeeeeeaaaaseee?\n"
response = raw_input("response: ")

# if random word typed, ask again.

response = raw_input("response: ")

As you can see, the "elif" and "else" blocks don't execute. What's going wrong? Thanks in advance for all your help.

Please use code tags with your code to preserve the indentations. Otherwise the code is very difficult to read and not too many folks will help.

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This code will not work:

if response == "yes" or "OK" or "Yes" or "ok":

I has to be recoded to:

if response in ["yes", "OK", "Yes", "ok"]:

Ok, thank you for your help. Sorry about that.