This is the first time I have used anything like this, I am learning through trial and error, but need advice on which forum I should be using. It is regarding my laptop using Windows XP, as I need to return it to factory settings. I also can not download anything to correct it on my laptop as it will not let me in.Thank you for any advice you can give me

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You dint mentioned the brand for your laptop. Anyways, i have one from Dell and i was also in a situation to reset the laptop to factory settings. This is something which i did :

rebooted lappy.
Pressed F2 (it showed me a menu)
I pressed 2nd option - factory settings.
- Done

I just hope it works same way for you.


Sorry, very new at this, it is a Toshiba, Satellite Pro. Does that mean anything. As said, do not know much about computers but am learning very fast. Thank you very much for your help


Hey Thats Kewl that u learning fast.

Why dont you visit Toshiba Pro site and figure out whats wrong or directly call the customer care. Thats the fastest means for sorting out ur problem. After all you've paid a lot for ur laptop....Did u ? ;)

- Amit

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