So this is the place for introuctions! Obviously, I'm a huge nerd, but don't give a rat's arse.

Working my way up from the beginner levels of web server development and deployment as well as php/mysql development, and looking to expound upon my "intermediate" experience in web design.

So I learned the hard way last week that I don't know jack about bringing a webserver online. I was able to get everything installed, configure my router, and broadcast over the internet, but can anyone think of what I forgot to delve into that "might" be of vital importance? Security! Anyways, long story short, the webserver was either hacked or hit with a virus and obliterated. Had to reinstall Advanced Server 2000 on it, and am hesitant about reopening port 8080 on the router (or as I call it, pandora's port).

It sucked something fierce...weeks worth of work, examples, mysql/php/iis configurations, all down the drain. But hey, live and learn I guess right.

It's like coldplay says in their new album on the song "Lost"..."Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost, doesn't mean I'll stop...."
Probably off topic, but if you haven't heard their new CD, I absolutely hated it when I first heard it, and I'm a diehard coldplay fan. Listened to it a few times, and now love it, so if you like coldplay give it a shot.

Anyways, glad to be here, and hope to learn ALOT!

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Welcome to DaniWeb. Sorry to hear about all those problems. If you post questions/comments in one of the technical board I'm certain you can get pointers and a lot of help.

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