I have an HP OmniBook XE3 that just won't boot. I Can't give you specific
specs on the system because each time it powers up, all I get is one long beep,
with no video.

I tried 1. removing battery and powering with power only.
2. powering with battery only
3. reseating memory
4. removing battery, memory, power cord and hold down power button 30 seconds.
All I get is one long beep with no video.

Somebody, anybody please help.


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Hey if you end up having to open up your laptop and repair it yourself, there is a good resource here.

Laptop Manual Downloads

HP Omnibook 5500cs/ct
HP Omnibook 6000
HP Omnibook 7100
HP Omnibook XE2
HP Omnibook XE3
HP Omnibook XE4100,XE4500
HP Omnibook XT1500 series
HP Omnibook 5000c/ct
HP Omnibook 4100-4150
HP Omnibook 4100
HP Omnibook 300,425,430,530
HP Omnibook 500
HP Omnibook 600c/ct
HP Omnibook 800cs/ct
HP Omnibook 900 series
HP Omnibook 2000,5500,5700
HP Omnibook 2100,3000,3100

Hope this helps


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