Last week I got Adobe Flash CS3, DreamWeaver CS3, and Fireworks CS3 installed on my computer. I installed them without removing the previous versions (Macrodedia Flash 8 Pro, DreamWeaver MX, and Fireworks MX). At this time I could open swf files in IE6 and it would be able to show them. I tested the new software and decided to keep it. There were some file association conficts so I went ahead and uninstalled the previous versions. I went to my website and discovered I could no longer open swf files in IE6. I new this because my website ( has a frameset which opens a .swf file (my music player) in a seperate frame so it's not imbeded. Instead of showing the swf file, the golden bar at the top comes down and says that it blocked a download and do I want to download this file. (it did not used to do this) When I go to my website in mozzilla firefox or IE6 on another computer, it shows it the way i intended it to. I tried to update the flash player plugin and I installed it 3 times and restarted my computer and it still won't work. My IE6 shows swf files when they are imbeded objects but won't show them when i just try to open them directly with IE6. I re-installed Flash Pro 8 just in case maybe it deleted a file that was nessesary but it didn't help. I tried to uninstall and re-install Flash CS3 but my computer won't uninstall it. it gets hung up after it has just begun the uninstallation. I can't re-install it or repair the installation unless I have a disc and I don't b/c i downloaded it directly from
I tried to re-install IE6 but when i run the installation program, it says a newer version is already installed on this computer and setup cannot continue. and I don't know how to uninstall IE6 to re-install it.

Any help on this issue is greatly apreciated

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You must not have the SWF player embedded correctly because when i goto your site,i get a DL box for "music.swf"

That file should be executed by your embedded player,not DLed to the guests computer!

Good luck!

ok, thanks for the tip (i'll change the way i embeded it at my website), but i still need to find out how to make my browser open up the swf files directly. I used to just be able to right-click the .swf file and select Open With>Internet Explorer and it would open it fine. When I did that, I went to View Scource and saved the code it automatically generated to display it:

<html><head><script src="res://xpsp3res.dll/objectembed.js"></script> <script language="javascript">var objectSource="../myflash/music.swf"; </script> </head><body onload="ObjectLoad();" leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 scroll=no> <form id="objectDestination"></form> </body></html>

Right now it still generates that same script but it can no longer display the flash file. I would really like to be able to do that again because I use that to play flash games while offline. do you or anyone else know how to fix that and/or how to re-install IE6?

See if you can open this my friend (Its a game)

It should open right in your browser

You may just have to do a SYSTEM RESTORE to a few days ago (when things worked) and it might be fine. (As far as opening directly)

that's weird... my browser can open that file fine, but only when I'm online. if i download it to my computer (right-click>Save As...) it will not show it; internet explorer doesn't even load when i try to open the file directly. i know i have the right file b/c i can open it with adobe flash player (external file, not IE plugin) and it displays the flash correctly. i really don't want to use system restore b/c i have this program called Windows Care Professional V2 (I can assure you this program is safe to run) and it says that i've made 2500+ changes since the IExplorer stopped working properly (I know it's a large # but I do a lot on my computer so for me it's about right) I'd hate to have to undo all those changes just to have that solution not work. if whatever update messed it up modified one of the original files, system restore wouldn't help would it? and if it would i definitely would not use it b/c i've spent to much time working on my flash media player and other stuff i've worked on and don't want to loose all that data. any ideas?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I resolved the issue by going to microsoft update and downloading and installing XPSP3 and the security fixes thing for IE6. So, yeah, it works again. if you go to my website ( and the download file bar comes down, you should probably try going to microsoft update and installing the updates.

thank you The Dude for your advice on this matter. I appreciate it.

Your site is the only site i goto that wants to DOWNLOAD THE SWF FILE (I just tried it again (It should play it in the embedded flash player on your site))

Im glad ya got things working :)

you could have also tried associating SWF file with IE as the default veiwer. but i guess sp3 took care of that,

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