Hi all,
My name is Russ and I own an online virtual genetics/breeding MMOG animal game. I found this DaniWeb through a google search for php coders. I was wondering if a more experienced member here might direct me to what the proper forum would be to post a "need some advice" mesaage regarding my need to determine the right thing to do reagrding perhaps replacing my PHP coder (Game partner) who has seemingly abandoned what is a new, working, active/live game (We are now 6 months old) with an ever increasing amount of paying players. it's a very uncompfortable situation but I fear for my game if something isn't done. I know I could try to teach myself PHP but oh what horrors that could cause for an already live working game.

I guess I'm looking for advice from other professionals on what they would do in such a situation and how they would go about it i the least painful way possible. Buth the dismissal and the findigng of another profit-share partner.

Thanks for any help anyone could give in directing me to the proper place.


For free PHP advice go here
If you want to hire someone, go here

Good luck

Hummm, nope don't need PHP advice. Not looking to "hire" anyone. I guess I could be looking for a share-profit partner to take over my coder's part of the project. So I guess the only forum wuould be the project partners thing then.