I've started coding in C. It is quite fun to do, but it's also complicated. This makes it quite hard to start with. I also understand that it is not really possible to make, for instance, a small game with it. (Of course, you can make text based ones, but otherwise it looks as if I'd have to start modding the Quake 2 source or something like that).

Which language would be better to start with, with which you can create simple games and other programs and is well documented? Or is it perhaps better to continue with C?

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Well,i used to learn programming in C too.It was complicated,though. I was moved to Delphi about year later. I found Delphi is easy to use,well documented,and able to create anything I want from a small game to fully-functional HTTP server.
You can try the free version (Turbo Delphi) for learning purpose and create some basic app.


Well, I have to say that using C is absolutely fine for game making, and C++'s OpenGL is great too.

However, as jwenting said,

programming a game isn't something for people with no experience in designing and creating software.

I second on that :P

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