Hey everyone,

I have recently been looking more into a degree in comp. science or comp. engineering. Yes I know there are already threads for this but they did not really help me out. I am pretty new to comp. programming. I do not really have a background in it but I have always loved working with computers and how they work and I believe that having a career involving computers would truly make me happy.

I want to be a computer systems software manager and I talked to my counselor and the guy told me that I can get a degree in CE or CS and it doesn't really matter. He told me that people that have a degree in CE can apply for jobs that require a CS but vice versa isn't true.

So the plan I came up with him was to:
- Get my BS in comp. engineering
- Get my MBA after getting my BS
- My plan, as of right now, is to get a job as a comp. systems software engineer then, God willingly, get promoted into a manger position. And our train of thought was that getting an MBA would make me appeal better than other candidates for the manager position,

What my question truly boils down to is this -
Did my counselor tell me the right things according to the degree? and should I get an MBA or should i spend that year getting certified in different vendor programs.

Thanks in advance.

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my bad...
i want to be a computer systems software engineer*
not a computer systems software manager :)

I can say somehow there are different in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Computer Science is more towards software and logic analysis which is more general whereas computer engineering is more towards technical and devices. Before you make any decision, you should do research on the syllabus of the courses to see what is the difference. Different institutions will have different syllabus.
Both degree can lead you to become a computer system software engineer. It is up to you to choose.
Regarding whether you need to take MBA or not, I think it is difficult to say. You are the one to make the decision. I can only advise you that economy expectation will change from time to time. Competition will increase since IT is changing fast with many IT graduates. You will need to keep yourself up-to-date and from there you can decide what you want to do at that time.

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