Well this summer I will be taking 2 classes

Windows 2000 Pro 100 Bucks
Cisco (CCNA) 200 Bucks

Yes I am certified in Win2k Pro but taken it because it is part of the track I need to take.

4 days a week 4 hours each day

$200 4 CCNA prep class?!!! where r u going cuz i need 2 signup!!! :o

Community college lol 33 bucks for the class plus 140 for 3 books in one package.

I thinking every semester is going to have different books.

so lets see. 4 semesters $140 x 4 = $560 plus $33 x 4 = $132
$132 + $560 = 692 so not bad. Going to take 1 year and a half.

So not too bad lol going for some kid of Aid so I dont have to pay for shit since I'm a cheap ass

ok, but if u dont mind me asking, which CC? ???

ARGH! You might as well live in Pluto because that college is far away from where I live. :) Those are REALLY good prices though. I wish they had classes at that price around Long Island, NY.

hehe yeah but too much money man lol seriously 100 bucks is good for like 10 classes 300 is too much for like 2 know what i mean i am a cheap ass i guess.

Hey, that's nothing. You should take advantage of those prices. Around here, it's expensive. I wanted to go for a weekend training, 2 days, 3 hours each... it cost about $1400. They have Boccess here, and it's still pretty pricey compared to the prices you just mentioned.

Hey, maybe you can bring a tiny camera and record the lessons and make bootleg. We can start a business! Yeah, you do the work and I'll keep all the money. ;)

lol yeah I guess that is all right camara in class room shit I might get shoot for that lol. Over here UCLA and USC cost about $40,000 for about minimum of 4 years crazy shit man

lol, i had an inkling u might be a Left Coaster ( ;) ) w/those prices! I went to Santa Monica CC & Chico CC back in the mid-tolate 80's so i knew about their pricing! Another really nice thing is that you can apply your any credits taken to any & all applicable majors & minors - well, u cud when i went!. :D

santa monica i live about 15 mins away lol van nuys area check this out i meant was 40000 dollars a year not for like 4 years lol very expense

i sure miss those Shack Bugers!!! :D