Yes. This is the day you have been waiting for. I have confirmed that Microsoft Windows Codename Longhorn has been leaked. Heres some eye candy!


More to come!

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Link? :?

only vaguely recall hearing about longhorn... i'm guessing since Win9x/ME are 4.x versions, speculating that Win2K/XP are 5.x versions then i'd have to surmise that longhorn has some significant fundemental differences w/Win2K kernel based OSs. 1st thing that comes 2mind is 64bit? looks i'll have to do some urlsurfin 2morrow - unless u wanna spill some dirt (hint, hint!) :)

Hmmmm, actually seems pretty interesting - and I"m NOT a fan of Microsoft. will still wait to see what security/privacy breaches are *implemented* in the 1st realease to shake out tho!

This may be an attempt at CUD by (my take on Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt, being Confusion) Microsoft, but ironically here's another link - - from the same site aeinstein linked to. It seems as interesting as the screenshots appear, they may be somewhat premature - although I think they're still interesting captures.

refer to my news artice at about the unrelased leak for more info :-)

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I currently have in my posession a copy of Longhorn Alpha. I plan on installing it on my beat machine, and I look forward to the evaluation of this product.

This is a long awaited release, and a logn awaited upgrade from Win2K.

However, there are too many facotrs that must be weighed before the purchasing of such a product. The question of whether it will run lagacy applications and programs or not, just for starters.

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