My name is Todd Mondragon and I am a Senior Unix Admin by trade.
I have been working financials now for a bit and am quite happy in a large corporate environment, though I do miss coming in to work in jeans and a Sex Pistols shirt.

My hobbies are many and varied, as are my tastes in music, food and drink.

See you about, I'll try to add some code soon.

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hi this is knightrider, iam very new to this community . Here there is nice discussions goin on different issues, thats good to see.
good place to look forward


hey everyone! I'm Jenna and I'm new to the cite. Just wanted to say hello and hope everyones having a great monday :)


hi all :)

I'm also new to this site and to some extend computers. i completed a computer course in troubleshooting so i can configure basic network problems and windows issues, however i am now looking to improve my programming skills. I am currently self-teaching myself c which seems to be going well and will soon start a software / programming development course at college.

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