i am using ubuntu and i am learning gtk, but i can't compile the gtk code..
thanks for help

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There are a lot of dependencies in order for you to install gtk. I have installed mine but I've got lot's of package lacking on my Distro, atk, pango, cairo to name a few. Be sure to have them first and make sure to visit the site John A posted. :)

pleas e help me how to install gtk+ in fedora core 7

All of you have failed miserably to answer this guys question. It's no bloody wonder more people don't understand programming. I'm in second year programming in uni and I need Gtk# 2.12.9 or greater to install MonoDevelop, and you're telling me Gtk requires other "dependencies"? this is complete nonsense in my opinion but I need this answer because I can't understand the lingo tossed around in "help" forums.

They have a FAQ with how to install it here

Just download it from the net and then install it.

You need to get libgtk-dev or whatever the appropriate -dev package is called.

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