What are command lIne options available for most operating system?
For windows i know there was DOS,but it is abandoned and now there exists only command

prompt that has capbility to run batch scripts and some DOS commands.
What about Linux?
Is there any command prompt or terminal/shell for apple os x?

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linux has loats of shells available. the most widely used one is bash

AFAIK Macs use ksh

windows has a new shell called powershell you can use for really serious shell scripting

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powershell -- thanks for the info

AFAIK Macs use ksh

I think they used csh before, but when I got a Mac (early 2006) Terminal.app was running bash by default. If they changed the default to ksh, I'd be surprised. Of course, you can use whichever you want; more than one is installed.

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