A year ago I made a thread containing the thought of suicide and depression.
Well good news am doing a little better got myself a girl and I love her a lot but we argue a lot o man
what to do know?
any tips guys

Good day. I wasn't apart of this community when you had orginially posted the topic. I'm glad you found yourself a little girlfriend. With regards to arguing, you may continue to argue, this will never cease, because no matter how much you all love each other, we still have our individual characteristics which will still cause friction. Additionally, don't view 'dumping' each other as the main solution to the problem. It could always be good to look into ourselves to make sure we can do the best to get along with our mates. All the best in your new-found relationship!

The best part of arguing with your GF is making up and making out. Don't let disagreements linger very long, especially never ever over night. When the sun sets its time for YOU to resolve all disputes. A lasting relationship means you tell your partner "I'm sorry."

Remember that in any argument with your GF, she has the last word. Anything you say after that is the beginning of the next one.:icon_biggrin:

sometimes its best to take blame. time will tell if shes the right one


Firstly, let me sayI am glad things are going better for you with regards depression. I have myself been there and know just waht a dark and lonely place it can be.

With regard to you and your girlfriend arguing, that is a fact of life. My wife and I have been married 30 years this month and we still argue. Relationships are about 2 individuals sharing, not 1 individual dominating. No two people can ever agree on everything, no matter how hard you try. In fact, my brother once bragged that he and his first ex-wife never argued. We found out a year later after their divorce that the reason they never argued was they never spoke to eachother. Sure they spoke, but they spoke at eachother, no to.

Arguing in itself is not a problem as it allows for the exchange of ideas and emotionss regarding that which is being argued about. The alternative is to not say anything, bottle everything up inside, until...

You need to identify the root cause of the arguement. Then look at what can be done to prevent it from being blown out of proportion. And of course, sometimes you have to compromise.

Im glad your feeling better :)

so guys thank you and you guys remember my post


Firstly, let me sayI am glad things are going better for you with regards depression. I have myself been there and know just waht a dark and lonely....

Gheee...what are you.lol
just kidding...well said

any more logic and tips for my relationship

You still feeling good flaco? No more depression? :)

How is your relationship atm

Give her a rose every now and then. Tell her why you fell in love with her in the first place. Treat her like a queen. These tips may seem unrealistic yes, but it at the very least will show her that she is still a beautiful woman and can be treated like one.