im looking for a good PHP script to install a forum in my website. i came across phorum,and chipmonk. i also need it to have a PM (private messeges) option. can anyone recommend a good script ?
could anyone tell me where can i find instructions regarding installing chipmonk ?

id appreciate it a lot,


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Hear Hea to that.


Can somebody help me please...
I search for simple Public Forum which threads can be confirmed from the administrator before they get visible on the web...
I know is too simple and oldfashion,But I need it.

If somebody knows about script like this that supports php/mysql will be great help

Kypa Mi Yanko

I think this option is available in both phpbb & in smf...just choose 'Moderate new threads' & that will solve your problem :)


vBulletin isn't free and Invision isn't either, as of a couple of months ago :( phpBB is your best free option.

I always use PHPbb and there are tons of mods for it, if you do a search, to add more features to it.

I'll third or fourth (or fifth?) phpBB. The code is a bit messy, but it is extensively proven as a working solution, and there are many mods available (as stated above).

visit hotscripts.com and search for free forums, there are many free forums scripts.

I prefer SMF. For a free product, it has a lot of features compared to PhpBB.

I will suggest you MYBB forum coz it has more options and addons mor eden phpbb... you can trust upon all of dem I am usin it in my forum.. and its running fine.. lyk a exeprt

thank you, I used phpbb 3.0 and created my forum, have a look <URL SNIPPED>

The problem with phpBB is that it's so popular that it draws a lot of interest from hackers.

I've used PHPForumScript - it's quite good, but lacks the PM feature that need.

I have seen a number of forum scripts like phpbb and run them on my system too. But i cannot understand how and how much i can customize such forums. Can someone tell me of any website where such forms have been used?


I think phpBB is the best forum script. You should download it.

My favorite forum software is phpBB. PhpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package (quote taken right from their web site). I found phpBB easy to install, stable and you can't argue with the price, it's free! There is a very active user community and it's easy to find add ons and customizations.

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