Entered computing in 1996. First year a bloody mess; took six months to prove first computer was defective with bad modem - 14400 dial-up beastie. Office Max gave us full credit so we bought a much nicer NEC Ready 9750 computer system from them. Went back to school, in self-defense, and got a degree in Microcomputer System Support from a local Technical College. Am still fascinated with personal computers and computing to this day. Only previous computer work was helping to design and build a computerized product information system for a medium- sized mail order company; about 2000 constantly changing items; involving six different departments; all helped design and build the information system.
Other interests include hunting, less these days, fishing - walleye, bass and panfish Winter and Summer. We use depth-finders to chart the bottom topography and layout the pattern on the ice using markers; then we drill and test fish the holes.
Family continues to be a big part of my life. Wife and daughter both love boating and fishing - lucky me. Time on the water of major importance, literally and metaphorically. Curious about just about everything. List is longer, brevity is better. Usually. Thanks, dc.

looking forward to see you share and learn even more great knowledge

Am new to actually using a forum. Takes a bit to get up-to-speed. Twain remarked, perhaps in Roughing It, 1870, that he envied greatly a joke of one of his competitors on the "humorist" circuit. "The trouble with ignorance ain't so much what you don't know (pause) so much as what you do know ain't so!"
Am at that stage when we find ourselves at least as much in the unlearning business as the learning business. As usual some habits have become our worst enemies. Discovering that the computer world seems to have inherited this trait as much as the rest of said world. So many viruses, so little time.
Do hope to get better at this soon, dc.