Hello everybody, my name is Q., My talents really evolve around games, computers, DJing, cars, sports, Movies, Friends, and most importantly Family. Recently I have begun working on my old P4 to put it back in use and I want it to be a Linux Server (Web/Email/Webpage) I'm going to be using Debian Linux, so I've been searching Google like crazy to get help in the steps, I'm really not new to Linux just the Server, So far I have Tried RH, Mandrake aka Mandrieva, Fedora Core, DSL, Knoppix, and last one which I still have on one of my laptops Ubuntu. A while back I tried Debian but never got really into it cause I let my friend's tell me to try this and that different title of Linux which ended up flooding my brain. Currently I have 5 systems in my house all connected via lan or wireless to my little network and one of my systems I now would like to turn into a server and go from there with really getting my feet wet in Linux. I want it to be morely text based so I can really sink my teeth in it since folks are always saying that "To really learn linux, use it text Based only", so I am going to do that but first if somebody know of any great sites that kinda get you prepared for the Server World?

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Drop your question in Linux section, they will be able to advice on this. I know it is for beginners, but you are beginner in servers ;)

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