My name is Terry and live in Cornwall in the Southwest of England.
I am married to Susan for 21 years and have 3 kids and 3 grandchildren,Daniel 5, Clair 4, and Madison 2.
I am 55 yo. 6 foot 3 inches tall and weigh 14 1/2 stone.
I like riding my motorbike a Honda ST1100 Pan European, karate, chess, reading Wilbur Smith novels, and fishing.
We have 2 dogs a chihuahua ( I can never spell that right ) named rusty ( the WIFES dog )
and a Newfoundland named sasha ( mine all mine ) who is gorgeous.
I work for an American firm and have done so for 7 years.
I have lived in Cornwall for 12 years. I am originally from Manchester a little place called Irlam.
I have a Secondary education and left school in 1968 with 6 cse`s. Went into Butchery and was in that for 30+ years.

My knowledge of computers is self taught, I can usually sort most problems out and can format and reinstall Xp on most computers, but the bios that is something else!!. I am always willing to learn more, you can never stop learning especially computers.

I love Country & western, 70s,80s, and some 60s, I also like heavy like black sabbath.
I am also love listening to Bond string quartet, the way they introduced the guitar and drums into there music was brill.
and I am also a fan of Barbra Striesand.

And I am also an Ex singer, I had an 8 piece band in the 80s called Onyx, then I joined a heavy outfit which didn`t last long. I joined an operatic society in Rhyl North Wales and also sang with a Welsh choir, I ended up going solo for a couple of years.

Well I cannot think of anything else, if I do I will post it.

thanks for reading


Hi Terry:
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Welcome, by the way.

Hi Terry
A warm welcome
enjoy your stay