I've just recently joined searching for info on what employers look for in the job market, wich schools are good wich are bad. I was looking at a course at Penn Foster career school for a course to get c# certificate. The plan was to get bottom of the barrel programing job if need be and work on a degree in the meantime, thus showing some real world knowledge by the time I graduate. After reading on here I've pretty much figured out certs in computer programing won't even make me available for cheap labor without experience or a degree.

My question is this is there a cert that can get me into the computer industry, as a qualified employee, in 6< months(with hard work of course)? Maybe even as a competent freelancer.

I've been studying C# on Visual Studio 2008 .net but my job making parts for airplane assembly kits has tried to jerk me around illegally with my wages. Now my focus on learning software engineering and looking for a good school to go to has shifted. I need to get out of the shop and into computer anything, in the short term, and then go all out programing. I've got two kids and a wife, so I have to work full time. I only need more then 3 or 4 hours sleep a few nights a week, I will make time in the day to get things done promptly.

Or is there a software engineer or computer science course that offers hire able certs along the way?

Learning .net and VS 2005/ 2008. Most of the bit jockys i work with make 60-110k a year with 3-8 years xp.

There is a shortage of software programers as far as i can tell .. atleast where i work.

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