Greetings: I've been asked to configure a server for an existing domain. Although I have some IT experience I've never gone from a server out of the box to complete configuration. I am looking for an A-Z checklist of everything that should be done from naming to details, such as scope, range, DNS server, etc. Have not been told what kind of server it will be [File, Exchange, etc] so assume it is an applicaton server. There must be configurations common to all windows based servers. The company has an outsourced support company that will take over once the machine is accessible via internet. Looking for guidance

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what server version is on the box, windows 2003 enterprise, data center, windows longhorn ( i hope Not) windows 2000 advance server.....

Much thanks for the timely reply. Regrettably, I am going to be called after it arrives. I am assuming that it could be Server 2003 Standard, 2003, Enterprise or 2008 and it is definitely a Dell box. If it is one of these three and that it is likely to be an applicaton server what would be a sysemtatic progression to get it into the domain and the other items such as DNS servers, scope, range, etc. Any guidance would be appreciated

one server can run many roles, so if this is the only server i would assume they would run more critical rles on it, dns, dhcp email, but this would bogged down the server, so i hope it will only have 2roles the most. i cannot give you step for step configuration ( daniweb would not be able to hold it) LOL but out of the box you can configure it straight up, for any role it's step by step really here is a link you can check out here
do some reading before you are called to set up the server

well, to install a new dell box, you need the Dell OS installation CD - it will guide you through installation and raid setup. without that you have to set up raid manually, and go through all the hassle of creating an F6 driver disk.

as for the system installation, 2003 is installed in the same way as XP, up to a point you have the desktop. After that join it to the domain, open up the RDP accessibility option, and you're set for the remote support to help you

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