I'm hoping some of you out there will have an idea for me as-to what to charge per hour as a programmer consultant. My old company is interested in hiring me back, part-time, to work from home as a programmer (my old job, basically; I have been gone 19 months). I would be classified as an employee, so witholding would be taken care of. I worked for this company (in MO) for nine years, eight of those years in the software they are needing my help in. They are also getting desperate, as a lot of employees have left recently. I do not want to rip them off, but I would like to get paid for my knowledge. Any comments on what I should charge per hour?

--Amy Jo

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I should also add: this involves mainframe programming (if that makes a difference). Also, I always received high marks on reviews. I was actually a trainer for new programmers, so apparently they felt my skills were decent.

take last month gross pay. divide by 160 (8hrs day x 4weeks). add 40%. remember, as a contractor, you don't get benefits etc.

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