hi all..

Name: brian
Nickname: hugblue (have had the name for years)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue
Location: denmark (herning)
Age: 37
Hobbies: computers, consoles (have an ps3, wii, xbox360, psp and 3 laptop and a ordinary computer), family, birds (parrots), friends, my wife, travel, my motorbike (honda 400 super sport), reading (dean r koontz, and others in the same calibers.), films (like : matrix 1, devil rejects, spiderman 1, hostel 1 and 2 and many others in the same style.), tv series (like : jerimiah, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, heroes, prison break, stargate atlantis, etc), and much more.

Relationship Status: merried

i've had computers for the last 25 years and know some about them, others think i know alot, lol. but i'm here to, if possible, to learn to program again.

but this time i have a project, that goes in hopefully a better way than the danish ppl can find out. some danish ppl have made forums, but they are so stupid, and they just cash in for there stupid crap and halfmade crap.

so i want to make it better, not directly by earning money, but by making a better site for ppl to cumminicate and for having debates and calendars, and all that.

another project is in the style of hot or not, but better and bigger.

thinks this explains why i'm here for. and hope ppl can help me making this a reality and hope that i also can be of service to others..

brian (hugblue).

Welcome to the site Brian

Enjoy you're stay here with the crew