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you can pick up my old P200 for free and use that as a webserver...
You'll have to drive over and pick it up though :)

JB 3.5 is useless. It doesn't support hotplugging compilers and the compiler that comes with it is years out of date (as are the other supported techs).

$10 would indeed be a nice amount, for that it would fit right into my museum of old Borland products.


Thanks for the offer but I'm using YellowDog Linux which is ppc only...appearently JBuilder 3.5 is going with a street price of $2,240 so hopefully someone will buy it


No, JBuilder USED to cost that much. 5 years or so ago that is when it was the current version.
Current version is version 10 I believe which is far more capable.

It's like saying your old computer cost $3000 when you bought it so you should get $3000 for it now when you sell it.
It just doesn't work that way.

But on eBay you never know. Someone may be stupid enough to fall for your attempt to trick them out of good money they could better have spent otherwise.

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