I have just created 3 new tutorials about Spyware and two of the more prevalent tools when dealing with them.

The first is a primer on Spyware and hijackers and is a good read if you don't understand them. It can be found here:

Understanding Spyware and Browser Hijackers

The second tutorial is on how to use Spybot and can be found here:

Using Spybot to remove Spyware from Your Computer

The third tutorial is on how to use HijackThis. I could not find a tutorial on the meanings of the different sections in HijackThis, and could only imagine what beginning computer users would think when they used it. This tutorial explains each section in layman terms, so that you understand what you are doing on your computer, instead of blinding following instructions. It can be found here:

How to use HijackThis to remove Browser Hijackers

I hope these help some of you.

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I'll tell you my biggest frustrations are people using HijackThis without really knowing why or what they are doing when people, most of them complete strangers, tell them what to do. Especially when some of the advice given is not good.

The funniest thing, is when I make a tutorial like my hijackthis one, which goes into great depth about what each section does, I get crap from some of the so called hijackthis experts that my tutorial is a waste and that people should use the existing ones that dont explain anything.

Kinda boggles my mind.

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