Hi I just wanted to make some introduction to my self. First of all I came to DaniWeb after searching for a solution to a programming home work but after browsing around the web i got stuck for hours reading all kind of nice stuff here and went pretty well through the Coffe Lounge, this was in spring but I never made a user I don't know why proberply because I didn't need to poste anything but I have been reading DaniWeb all summer more or less. But now I'm a member and ofcourse that because I needed to ask a question sorry but it's best to say right now I'm a self caring ego bastard ;)

Now I'm gonna fill out the questions from Danny...

Name: Ingvar Orn Ingolfsson
Nickname: Gvari
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Location: Akranes, Iceland
Age: 29
Hobbies: Computers, family, music, my friends, movies, ATV, snowmobiles, horseriding and traveling mostly by ATV or snowmobile.

Relationship Status: married with one baby girl (18 months)

Fav Music: U2, Nirvana, REM, Metallica, Muse, James Morrison, The Prodigy, Led Zeppelin and many many more. I listen to most all music but I more into the anty mello thing than some romantic stuff ;)

Education: A+, Network+, CCNA, MCSE and MCT. Technical drawer also but I have never worked with that. I'm now into second year of computer science from Reykjavik University I'm taking that with 100% work so sometimes I get lost, then I'm just in the school or the work :D

Work: IT Manager for Elkem Iceland a raw material plant.
Favorite Food: Italian, Icelandic lamb and most all icelandic tradition food like hangikjot and hryggur. I also like many other kind of foods and I'm a true lover of the food my father makes, but he is a master chef and have worked for all the biggest hotels in Iceland and the finest restaurants but today he is a production manager for one of the largest meat producer in Norway.

Favorite Movies: The Die Hard series, The Godfather the serie and many others I'm more the TV shows person than movies I never have time for them.

Favorite TV Shows: Stargate, Burn Notice, Reaper, House, NCIS, Eureka, The Unit and some Icelandic shows.

Favorite Video Games: I'm a super IT nerd and I dont play video games... huhhhh

Stuff you Dislike: Users of my IT system....... and many many many many more I don't like.

Well I will let this be all for now but don't hesitate to ask me questions.... No I don't use a thong.

Wow! Welcome...

Nice intro, welcome to the forum!