hi .. im juSt a nEwbiE herE.. frOm phiLippinEs, iS therE fiLipinO herE.?? hmM .. i fOund thiS sitE whEn i tRiEd tO rEsearCh fOr my prOjEct.. thEn i deCided tO rEgiStEr herE 'cOz i think thiS sitE wiLL heLp mE in my schOoL stufF prObLems LikE prObLems in my majOr sUbjeCts .. i wiLL refEr thiS sitE tO my cLasSmatEs..

Name: christine
Nickname: chrys, tin or just christine :)
Height: im 5'1..
Weight: uhH.. i dont knOw..:D
Hair: blaCk..
Eyes: blaCk.
Location: phiLippinEs, and prOud tO be fiLipinO..:)
Age: 17
Hobbies: LiSteniNg muSiC.. sUrfinG thE nEt .. hanGing oUt w/ my friEnds anD cLasSmatEs..

Relationship Status: sinGLe,bUt takEn.wahahA

Fav Music: LOvEs sOngs.. sOngs of mymP.. parOkya ni edGar.. anD many mOre ..

Education: baCheLor of sCienCe in infOrmatiOn teChnOLOgy..

Work: nOthinG.. im juSt a stUdEnt .. stiLL stUdyinG..
Favorite Food: friEs .. mR.chiPs ..

Favorite Movies: bRinG it on.. and manY mOre ..

Favorite TV Shows: uhH .. i dOn't watCh tv ..

Stuff you Dislike:peOpLe whO smOkes .. :@ peOple whO judgE mE frOm my aCtiOns.. Lazy peOpLe ..

welcome to Daniweb!

WelcOm3 tO DaNiwEb!