Hi guys !

Well, I just graduated. I have bachelors in Mathematics and Masters in Logic, Algorithm and Complexity. I just started looking for a job and I am somehow confused. As you can see from my Masters title I have a strong understanding and knowledge of algorithms (Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, online, parametric.,randomized alg.. ect) including estimation of complexity of algorithms - running time, space. Actually I am more theoretical analyzing a problem and then design algorithms -pseudo-codes developing efficient and optimal solutions arising across the full range of computing applications. That is the theoretical part. But the thing is that my programming skills are basic. So since I have no idea about the industry out there i wanted to ask you if there are positions in which I can be valuable offering my services at the developing\designing part of the job where i wont have to program a lot (meaning that it wont be the priority of the job) and i could use my educational background.
I really would like to know how is the situation "out there". What kind of a position should i start looking at? Do I have chances to get a job as an entry level in a more theoretical-developing-research position in a software developer team?Do I qualify for a software developer or computer engineer position? I would really need some advice-help. I feel sort of confused and disappointed at the same time since i started looking for a job. I thought that with two degrees, one in Math and one in C.S it would be easier but i guess its not like that..

Please answer! Any help, advice or suggestion would be more than helpful!

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A hint of geography wouldn't hurt either.
Like "where in the world are you" and "where are you prepared to travel to".

I am in Los Angeles California

Regardless of your education you still need experience. It does look better to have two degrees over the average college grad, but not better than a guy with one degree and one year of experience. Just the way the job market works, unfortunately at the time of graduation even :-(. Something for you to decide is what you want to do. Do you want to do the programming, or just know it and help in the design and architecture. Might want to aim for an entry level software engineer/architect or possibly something with business intelligence.

It actually depends on what you actually want or foresee yourself in your career path. From your degrees, it seemed that you are more suitable for an R&D job. But I believed your knowledege in algorithms would also be helpful if you are to apply for a software engineer post.

I was faced with a similar dilemma of choosing an R&D or software developer career path when I first graduated 8 years ago. In the end, I decided that I have a deeper passion in creating useful software than pure R&D. So it actually depends on what you really want.

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