Every file that windows creates is listed and what it is!


commented: Great link ! +3

lol Love the link The Dude! Pretty extensive eh?

I personally like how the Word Document Template file is called "WORDPFCT"...

I wonder though, how far can you really trust such a list, I mean surely only Msft would know foru sure what these files are called? Or is it something that can be obtained from any Windows machine if you dig deep enough?

Well 1/2 the files i dont even have (This list must be for XP and newer)

Wow. You use Windows but don't run XP? What've you got then 98? I dnt think I'd be brave enough myself

Yes i love Win98se :)

I wish i had more ram but 98se in my opinion IS THE BEST WINDOWS OS THAT EVER CAME OUT :)

:) I know a few ppl who would raise their glasses to that.

ohk that list is worth downloading for whatever future use
10 out of 10