Has anyone here experienced their time clock changeing itself to military time---as in
4:08p.m. becomes 16:08p.m. End off August mine did this-and twice in September. STRANGE or just a time server thing?????? :-O

Very strange!!

I think you have the option of setting it to 24hr time.. I dont think a time server can do that im not sure.......

I remember when I was young, my mother would always say "Its them danm astronauts" whenever there was something strange like a hurricane or earthquake. NOW,today and having Vista, I say "Its them danm windows updates". :@ Got one in today 9-24-08 for Windows Defender and had to reconfigure my microphone and recording settings. SP1 I'm pretty sure wiped out my WinMediaPlayer enhancements and visualizations. Now I'm so sure I have win updates notify me of when there's a new update available. I can check out my system then install the update. THEN search for what has goofed up. Its Microsoft technical way of teaching people to trou:@ bleshoot their new Vista operating system.