Ok,does anyone out there know how a systems board "BEEPS!!"or indeed why it should anyway.Mine does, but not at boot,only when I am browsing and only every other day or so.
And only a single one at that.How can it do this if I have the speakers muted?What mechanism is there to provide sound?Thanks in advance for any replies.Rogerok.

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Motherboards have a speaker on them, that's where the POST beeps come from.

If you're getting beeped during operations, it's usually a sign of some problem. Overheating is a common cause.

You should check with your computer/motherboard maker for the meaning of the beep codes.


To mvanes,
thanks for the info,I do realise now the relevance of the BEEP on the mobo is to tell me that something may be amiss.
I shall now investigate further.
Cheers Rogerok.

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