Hey, from bbbQueen in Phoenix, Arizona! What can I say to introduce myself? bbbQueen was my given nickname from when I managed a small company’s Operations, having lovingly been referred to as “The B….QUEEN!” Yeah, I do look forward to laughing every day.

So, I became interested in VB/began programming in Access by 1999 - without the aid of templates or the web. I know, that may sound old to most community users out there, oh well. I learned far more VB and .Net Tricks and Tips from searching the web, most recently from forums, than initial use and coursework.

Since any database that’s actually being used is ever changing, I’ve occasionally searched online, and found, useful information to improve my dbs. Which all seems to be my hobby.

I have found a great deal of information online. I look forward to looking through the DaniWeb site, as well.

Thanks for the welcome!

Since I have years of experience in a variety of industries, I have learned…
“The more you know, the more you discover how much you don’t know.”
So I have much to learn.

Nice intro...welcome to Daniweb! Don't worry about sounding old, there's plenty of older people here. :)

Thanks Denniz. Your reply helped with my comfort level in having registered.