I am very hesitant about posting as I believe I must be the oldest member here! I won't tell you my age but I'll just say, please, if I post a problem, do solve it quickly. :)

I live in what used to be the Sunny South and have been a PC user since 1998. I am addicted, according to my family, but it has opened up the world, as you all know.

I hope to learn from you all.

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Welcome! I am sure you will find alot of helpful people around.

We do have elder members here. How would u know u r the oldest here?

Anyway, welcome to Daniweb!

The generation gap is why there is an IT industry in the first place, It would be pretty hypocritical of me to make a living off of doing IT for people who didn't grow up with computers but not helping you out on my favorite forum.

Welcome to Daniweb and thanks for making this a diverse and interesting place to ask questions.

Welcome to DaniWeb.

>>I believe I must be the oldest member here!
Not likely. See my public profile. And I know of at least one other member who is older than I am. So don't hesitate to post newbe type questions -- I still do that too.

Thank you all for the welcome and kind words!!

I don't find getting around this site all that easy, I have to admit. For instance, is there a heading for "My topics", so that I don't have to find my posting(s) in a round about way?

Ancient dragon : Can't find your public profile! Love the name. Came close to choosing a similar one as I am Welsh and the red dragon is our flag emblem.

To find your posts and threads: Click on your name in the Welcome line at the very top of the page. There you will find links to the posts to you have made and to the threads you have started. Also, in the list of threads for each board the threads you have contributed to are shown by a picture of a pencil in the far left-hand column.

To find my public profile just click on my avatar (picture).

Of course!
Again my thanks.

Hello Grandma

Wecome to the forum and you will definitely have good time here

Hi, Trinitybrown.

My thanks for your kind welcome.