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I dont know very much about bluetooth from a development point of view. I was just wondering is there a way to get an ID (phone number etc) of a bluetooth phone similar to how you would an IP address from a computer/device.

For example, a bluetooth reader on the wall which only allows final year students into the lab. The phone could be used as ID -when the person scans his phone over the bluetooth reader the 'ID' of the phone is checked against a database and access is denied/granted. Is this possible?

Any help is much appreciated :)


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I suppose it is possible, but not through phone numbers (to the best of my knowledge). A bluetooth phone and matched device must be set up to work together, but once they're configured they can pair automatically when in range. This could be your authentication.

This isn't a very practical idea:
1. Not everybody has Bluetooth phones.
2. Most people don't leave their bluetooth on because it uses battery.
3. Most phones will only be discoverable for about 30 seconds, and only when you enable it. So it would be the responsibility of the phone to connect to your security system.
4. People break/change phones
5. This would be expensive. The custom built system used to do this, and the man-power to maintain the database would be more expensive than just setting up an off-the-shelf security card reader or a keypad lock.

Thanks OlyComputers,
Very comprehensive and helpful post.

I was thinking about a ticket booking system (for rail tickets) using the phone to pay and be 'the ticket' using bluetooth for my final year project. I have scraped the idea heh. Appreciate your time

That example of use makes more sense, but since the scale is much larger most of the issues would be exaggerated. Not to mention the fact that bluetooth has a potential range of 30-100'. In a train station environment it would be virtually impossible to keep "tickets" straight when you have 5-10 people at a time in close proximity to the door and dozens within bluetooth range. There might be something simpler, like a booking system that sends a confirmation number via text message to the cell phone, and that's all you need to board the train. Directory assistance services do something similar by texting you the number you just requested for a record, so it's definitely possible.

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