Gadgets for Christmas

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So Dani (of Daniweb fame) was asking me to go through a few gadgets for the Christmas season. So of course I've left it until the last minute - with prices going the way they are at the moment (we're into closing-down sales and stuff over this side of the Pond) you'd be crazy not to.

The first thing I'd recommend is to get someone with a Bluetooth music phone an Io Play. Get it installed in the vehicle (it's wired in so it won't get stolen) and you have the perfect sound reproduction through your car stereo, and it even puts songs on hold when a call comes in. There will be something similar for the American market.

This brings me to the biggest bugbear of the year - Bluetooth on the iPhone 3G. It's in there somewhere, it must be, I can take calls on headsets. But I can't exchange files easily, I can't listen to music on wireless headphones without an adapter and I can't use the phone as a modem for my laptop when I'm away from WiFi. Fix now, please, Apple. Meanwhile sound buffs should check out the iLuv i9200, a wall-mounted CD player with an iPod dock and it's beautiful.

Something else that's being done right is the current wave of satnavs - they just work. Tomtom has excellent offers on the TomTom One, although there's a newer, slimmer machine coming out in January for only a few dollars more.

More on gadgets tomorrow...

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Wow Thanks Dude I really going to Save for those stuffs also I would like to share a sites that gives free review on the latest gadgets and Viruses or computer system security threats. The site is try out for their weekly news letter.

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A nice gadget for X-mas is a sony PS3 slim. For you people that need the hottest, newest gear – and for no empirical, logical, intelligent, or rational reason at all! – keep an eye out for the PS3 Slim. The PS3 Slim is a smaller, but equally
powerful, version of the wildly popular Sony Playstation 3, except it's 1/3 the size, and uses over 1/3 less power. It comes with a 120 GB hard drive, and is fully compatible with Blu-Ray and HD DVDs. Many will get installment loans for it. The good news is that when it debuts this holiday season, it's only going to retail for $299. The PS3 Slim for less than most short term loans – sounds like a good deal.

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