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Hi My name is Linda and I am currently enrolled in several computer classes. The problem is after working all day, and then working all night with my son, I do my homework around 1:00 a.m. Hoping the lounge will be open !!

Looking forward....


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Well linda theres a reason why coffee is a high product old mainly to techies, To keep us up to the wee hours of the night, I mean at least your not failing the same average lever math class. I hate the letters CP. lol. Well welcome to the forums linda, and what classes would they consist of?


thanks for the welcome. I have one more module in Pascal and will begin QBasic next week. Last month I complete the certification for PMP and was then told I have 6 months to complete the IT PMP. Computers are like cars to me I know where the gas and oil is and I can steer ........did I really have to learn more........................

Well, I guess I'll see ya in the wee hours. Saw the sun come up this morning.


Welcome Linda,
You didn't say what part of the world you were from, so 1am can be different for a lot of us who lurk these corridors. One fault of endeavoring to become a "Techie" (someone working in a science field) is that you can never stop learning. I was an engineer for many, many years and right up to the day I retired, I was still taking courses just to stay up with technology. So yes, you'll have to learn more (and I'm afraid it will never stop). When you picked computers, you picked one of the scientific fields that changes much more rapidly than most. I wish you well, and welcome again.


Like with health something new, or some new break out comes out of no were like ever 8 months, here in computer technology, soemthing comes out if not every 8 hour's ever 8 minute's lol. Ive only been a techy for like 7-8 months now, and damn my brain's never worked this hard being an ex body builder. Im no longer a jock at heart!.

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