512 its okay... welcome back jingda

510. How do you do flagstar?

506. Hi blackcathacker. I have already given you 10 rep points so you are able to create a group. Good luck.

504 I'm fine here... maybe will get busy later on...

500 back to square one. good luck

Flagstar that is exactly what I was thinking when the page was loading.
"back to square one."

498. I am in an excellent mood today, after my school came in first in the National Science Challenge. Reps to every posters here including Adam K and Flagstar.

496 thanks for the rep up jingda...

494. You are welcome flagstar. You deserve that for all the good post in the hardware and software forum.


Actually i dont mind much about it because i like to help people in need without any kind of payment but thanks anyway

:icon_evil: 492

Now tell me are you angry?? :D HAHAHA

Here we go!
Let's beat 'em ;)

Almost there :D FARAWAY..
I think we will have lost when we post our 2000th post :(

488 so many opponent. don't give up Team B!

484. How many are from Team A and Team B here?