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[QUOTE=Britbrit107;1612702]Hi my lap top is a coby notebook and when I turn it on it says a whole bunch of stuff such as it will boot in 5 4 3 2 1 then it goes to a black screen with a white blinking line at the top left hand corner …

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[Quote]Instructions for notebooks: 1. Disconnect all external devices you have. 2. Unplug the power adapter from the notebook. 3. Remove the battery from the notebook (if possible). 4. Press the power button and hold it for at least 15 seconds. 5. Reconnect the power adapter. Do not yet reconnect the …

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Two things that I think is at fault for that kind of freezing is either your motherboard and your graphic card or other PCI card on your computer. And did you try with other CD/DVD drives just to confirm that your DVD drive is at fault? [Quote] i am using …

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First please remove the signature... We don't need it here... For your problem, I suggest give more information about it like what recent program did you install and what new device did you plug-in to your computer? When did it happened? Problem analysis is needed to find the source of …

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granted: someone actually release a virus that turn people into zombie... inluding you... sadly, your memories were being eaten by other zombies before you can tell the world you had seen one. I wish... that giant robot were actually exist...

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Did you try to open another website within IE8? If other website can still be open, that means your IE has a problem. If the above suggestion pass or fail, try to use IE (without add-on) in Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools. If you can open …

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"Don't underestimate the power of first impression. It does bite..."

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Well did anyone try it with different OS? It too once happened to me when my music content in my pendrive suddenly gone but when I inserted it into at least 3 mp3 players, it worked as it should be... It happen on window xp but when i open pendrive …

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More like a windows problem to me. When you boot your computer, can you access to BIOS and does it still on when BIOS menu are active?

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Those JPG files has been compressed in max (ultra compression) probably which is why this kind of problem occurs. I never heard of OCR personally but normally image file compression software would have problem extracting back those image to original state but still look normal in the software image viewer... …

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Try using the command in 'command prompt' below to check for any missing filesystem in your windows partition sfc /scannow you'll need the original windows installation disk in order to repair filesystem using this though

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I don't think StutterFly program would lead your laptop to BSOD. It could be either the movie player itself but I believe it was Norton that cause the crash. You should uninstall it and try other Anti-Virus in market like Avast, Avira, Kaspersky etc. Tracking cookies can both be harmless …

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[QUOTE=ctuveri;1644712]Hi, i have the same problem with the same computer... Maybe you have resolved? Thanks Christian[/QUOTE] create own thread please...

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I would say that either your motherboard or even worse, your processor is already spoil. Replacing heatsink would do the trick but it failed on your problem. Check again to be sure... - Your heatsink need to be reseated properly (most case were always this) - Reset your BIOS. This …

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Have you try to reinstall drivers before? What is the last thing you do before you got this problem?

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Maybe you just need a complete firefox reinstallation (uninstall and reinstall) Just in case, copy all files under C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/ and paste it somewhere else. Then uninstall Firefox using normal uninstall or Revo. Make sure firefox program is completely uninstall... Then reboot... Then download firefox 5 (latest one) and …

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> artiton..."i have try to other laptop and get same result.. > any one. try to scan disk your external hard disk when plugged in to your computer by using Command Prompt (or just type 'cmd' under Run windows. Type in the followings chkdsk "Drive directory" /f /x /r eg. …

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In this current world, the innocent cheated while the intellignet are being cheated. And it's true...

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Maybe it was just you're constantly using web browsers and filling up the browser cache. To get clear detail of what you can delete/clear properly, use CCleaner. It will pinpoint the chunk of trash you need to clear out.

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Obviously yes if you think I'm a superhero Can you really believe AI will conquer the world someday?

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> Anyone with help on soving this will be greatly appreciated ! The computer runs fine, starts fine and shuts down fine, besides the Internet problem. I use Internet Explorer 8. Did it just happen only in Internet Explorer or it also happen in another browser eg. Firefox/Opera etc.? For …

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or if possible, try to use another monitor. Maybe you've been messing around with the resolution setting and set it too big for your monitor to support. Another possibility is your monitor has problems.

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Because RAM store some piece of system files as backup in it. It's temporarily permanent so the small portion of that RAM cannot be used or taken by any programs whatsoever till you shut down your computer. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Try to check the picture resolution. Anything smaller than 640x480 might not fit enough for your desktop background. Also try with other picture with higher resolution if possible.

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> Hi all, > I am running a dual display an have been for month, after an windows update i hav lost the display on my LG W2246T monitor. I have updated the drver for my GeForce Gt 220 card. Try to boot windows from safe mode and see if …

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Maybe the repair disk is corrupted. Try to download a new one from the internet with other computer and burn another repair disk. Additionally, XP repair disk may also work for some basic windows problem.

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