Hi Everyone... ^_^

Name: Ricky
Nickname: Ricky
Height: 173cm
Weight: 70 Kgs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Indonesia
Age: 28
Hobbies: Play Bass Guitar, Basketball, watch movies, music, read japanese comics, and everything related to jesus, all sport

Relationship Status: engaged

Fav Music: hmm.. lets see, rock, Jazz, Latin, basically all type of grooving music, japanese

Education: Information Technique, web developer

Work: Free lance web designer and programmer (web dev) and photographer
Favorite Food: all delicious kind of food

Favorite Movies: 300, kung fu panda, james bond, national treasure, mr bean, indiana jones

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Heroes, Contender, American Idol

Favorite Video Games: Heroes of might and magic

Stuff you Dislike: hopelessness, not being loved, far from God, being sinful, getting sick.

I've a lot of things to catch up, after 2.5 years quiting my job as programmer and being a photographer, it turns out that for me, I rather be a programmer than to be a photographer. :P And it's been hard, like start from 0 again. I am grateful to find this site to help me. grateful to meet all of you guys. hope we can get along well. basically I am quite OK in vb6 and sql and crystal report, can do mysql, HTML, PHP, VBA, photoshop a little. and doing a lot of distribution system.

welcome back to programming...and to daniweb!