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(Making Use Case Model, writing business, functional and non functional requirements)

Given the Scenario

You are the software engineer in Techno Wizard. You have been given a project an “E-Card System” by the organization for development. E-Card System is a web based system in which Member can register himself by filling up the registration form. User/member of the system selects a card of his own choice from the list of card category. User/member can send this card to his recipient/s along with music and sound. User can also write text on the card. System Administrator is responsible for keeping the record of members and cards. System Administrator can add new cards in the appropriate card category, delete and update the existing cards. Similarly, System Administrator can add new member, delete and update the data of the existing member.

After carefully reading above scenario you are required to write the following:-

a) Draw a complete USECASE Model for the above scenario. Show all the Actors and Use Cases involved also indicate relationships in the model.

b.) Write the Business Requirements for above System.

c.) Write Functional and Non-Functional Requirements you have identified from the given statement.

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how can i get the an my questionfrom this website?

how can i get the an my questionfrom this website?

You could start by making some sense I suppose.