Hi all,

I've responded to a lot of threads but this is the first of my very own.

I'm using Excel to manage a small amount of data for a website and saving the spreadsheet as CSV from Windows MS Office 2003 Excel.

My client uses Mac Office X Excel and her version will not open the CSV files that my Windows version creates.

I've tried to "save as" both the normal and the Macintosh versions of .csv but neither seem to work.

Anyone familiar with this situation?

Attached excel_csv.zip contains two Excel .csv files created by Windows Office Excel 2003, normal.csv is just saved as .csv, macintosh.csv is saved as 'Macintosh' .csv

Thanks for any help

Thanks to all those that looked at this post.

I'm closing it now though since I detest Microsoft incompatibilities enough that I'm making a database interface similar to PHPMyAdmin (but user friendly) for my client, with JavaScript, PHP, and HTML Tables, for her to manage her product inventory.

Thanks again